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A joint project with the famous French director Luis Nieto to create video decorations, special effects, combining live filming and animation. The finished project was shown at the XI International Festival of Animation Arts.


The idea was to create a "visual story" based on live footage and animation, which would be projected onto the sculpture - a jumble of objects and shapes painted white to make the projection better visible. Cats act as models and actors.


With the help of 4 video projectors, we brought this sculpture to life, which is replete with many small video stories.

We created cinematic special effects from available tools, used the technique of shooting on a green screen, did the post-processing of the material in Adobe After Effects and did 3D mapping.

In the course of the project, a surrealistic sculpture was created, onto which a video sequence was projected using the 3D mapping technique. The finished video installation was presented in contemporary art museums around the world.

During the project, we did:

Brainstorming, developing an idea, creating a sculpture-decoration, onto which a video was projected using the 3D mapping technique, shooting cats on a green and black background for further processing, processing and editing material in Adobe After Effects, shooting the resulting object and editing in the form of a short experimental film.

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