"Sealium" - big Helium Offshore Technology company from Singapore. Heologic owns advanced and patented Helium Technology to detect and analyse Helium Anomalies for the benefits of Global Petroleum and Helium Industries.



The company approached us with a request for a corporate identity and strategy from scratch. Our mission was to reflect the new technology in the naming, logo and the overall corporate image.   



We started with naming. By combining the words sea and helium, the brand name was born (Sea + Helium = Sealium). The two dots under the "L" represent the helium that enters the instrument. The orange color of the dots from the selected helium, under certain conditions, forms a red-orange glow. We have created a minimalistic clear logo that reflects the technology.

We will transfer the logo design to the entire corporate identity making it contrasting and dynamic. We created a very new brand for our client. We created a brand identity design, web-site, packaging and t-shirts design, developed positioning, naming, logo design and brand guideline.

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Complex Branding

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Complex Branding


Logo & Web-site

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Complex Branding

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Complex Branding